Hi Darlings!

Maybe some of you stopped by at our store in De Hallen recently and found an empty store. ‘Huh, doesn’t The Darling supposed to be here? Am I on the right place? Are they gone? Are they renovating? ’ To answer your questions. Yes, our shop was at the address Hannie Dankbaarpassage 19, and we will be back in another format. We are happy to say we are going to collaborate with – drum rolls – The Gathershop! From September on you will find our own little Darling corner over there. We are so excited!

And that’s not all… We have more fantastic news! While you anticipate our return to De Hallen, we are thrilled to welcome you to our brand new store in the Haarlemmerbuurt neighbourhood! A cosy space, warm smiles and our full collection – including fashion, vintage and home decor – await you there. Don´t get discouraged by the bits and bobs in the store. We are still a work in progress and it´s getting prettier by the day. Come check us out at Haarlemmerdijk 43!


The Darling Amsterdam

Ps. Of course we will throw a big opening party soon! So stay tuned!

The Darling Haarlemmerdijk